Shadowman Investigation Agency

Criminal Records Research Descriptions

Some states have statewide records repositories, and other states must be searched county by county. Most counties report misdemeanors and felonies. A limited number of counties only report felonies. Multiple court levels within one county rarely occur but will require added costs. Additional court access fees may apply occasionally for certain counties. A.K.A.s (also known as) and maiden names sometimes require added fees. Traffic related records are not reported unless a felony is involved. Drivers Abstract records are available for 3 and 5 years history as an added discovery. Access and costs varies by individual state.

Federal District Criminal Records are searched in each state or nationwide. Some states may have more than one district, i.e., Washington Eastern District and Washington Western District. U.S. Federal District Criminal Courts are name-only searches. Records filed in federal courts do not include the defendant's date of birth. Therefore, multiple names may be reported. Cases can be heard in any federal court other than where the crime was committed. A.K.A.s (also known as) and maiden names sometimes require added fees.

Warrants from International sources are included from entities such as Interpol, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and many other International sources. Inside the United States the database contains warrants from Federal sources such as The Drug Enforcement Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, United States Marshall Service, and many others. The types of warrants in the database cover a wide range of violations for misdemeanor warrants and felony warrants. We diligently attempt to contract to databases providers that deliver current and accurate information, but data entry errors may occasionally occur by their data mining clerks.

The Prohibited Parties/Suspected Terrorist Register contains information from government agencies which includes data on individuals, companies, company-related and individual-related sanctions, debarred lists and infractions from the following agencies to comply with parts of the USA Patriot Act:
US Treasury Department, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)
Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI)
US Department of Commerce, Bureau of Export Administration (BXA), Denied Persons Information 
Interpol Most Wanted - Includes persons wanted by national jurisdictions or the International Criminal Tribunals.
Bank of England Sanctions
  ​[Individuals or entities whose assets should be frozen based upon relevant UN Security Council Resolutions]
Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments - Politically Exposed People
Information is updated bi-weekly. 

Criminal Records Facts Summary:

I.    Criminal Records discovery includes FELONY and MISDEMEANOR CHARGES and CONVICTIONS for most courts. The federal FAIR CREDIT REPORTING ACT mandates that ARRESTS and CHARGES can only be reported within an antedated 7 year scope for employment purposes. There is no time limit for reporting CONVICTIONS.

II.    Availability of docket information may be dependent on each state and each county, and upon their court rules. If access is allowed, the appropriate documents may be assimilated for an additional per-page costs and extended turnaround time.

III.    Civil findings relating to dependency actions and domestic relations proceedings; e.g., restraining orders, no contact orders, anti-harassment orders, may be disseminated upon request for additional fees and extended turnaround time.

IV.    Traffic related records are not reported within the Level I or Level II Investigations unless a felony is involved. Each state has unique restrictions, fees, turnaround times, and reported criteria. Please contact us for advice on obtaining individual state driving history abstracts.